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So the Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond debate rages on! People always compare cubic zirconia to diamonds. It is a stunninly beautiful man made material, which was produced as early as the 1970’s. Gone are the days though when they where labelled as fake diamonds 40 plus years ago!

Lets clear one thing up. Zirconia (also known as CZ) is not a “fake diamond” ok! There. Seriously though, How can it be if it’s a unique stone in it’s own right?
Zirconia CAN, and IS being marketed as diamond jewelry by shady vendors to inflate it’s price. That will never change.
It does imitate the cutting methods, and various other processes of a diamond. The only stone you could classify as being a “fake diamond” would be a synthetic diamond.

Maybe the only thing people do need to be thinking about is the integrity of the diamonds they have bought in the past, or are thinking about buying in the future.
Did you know that synthetic diamonds are elements manufactured from unknown physical compounds that CAN be and ARE being created in shady labs online?

When you think diamond, “natural”, “Precious”,and “limitless supply” probably spring to mind. So yes, the only diamond that resembles a fake diamond is a synthetic one! How the heck are you going to distinguish between them when parting with your high earned cash? Certainly something to research further beforehand.
Cubic Zirconia is here to stay.

Time to dazzle in your cubic Zirconia Jewelry

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This unique mineral is finely synthesized, simulates diamonds in a very effective process. It is remarkably similar to diamond in the way it is very durable, and Cubic zirconia compares to diamonds in shear sparkling brilliance as well. Most people can’t distinguish between the two with the naked eye.

It’s fair to say that Cubic Zironia has many diamond like qualities. The cutting process is very similar, and they compare in hardness.
Being that diamond and cubic zirconia are of similar quality, it is astonishing when you consider the fact that cubic zirconia is a fraction of the cost!

To determine the quality of zirconia you would need to determine the carat weight of the mineral in question.
Various oxides are used in the process of creating multiple colored variations of cubic zirconia. When you consider 99.36% of diamonds have a small yellowish tint to them anyway, it makes the coloring process of cubic zirconia extremely appealing.

Zirconia can be effortlessly changed into identical cuts, and shapes to that of it’s diamond cousin. Benefical when you consider cubic zirconia jewelry is designed with the most popular shapes, and cutting’s in mind. Not only that, but cubic zirconia has a superior flashing color production level,which means it will compliment the various shapes more than diamonds do.

On the otherhand, many people prefer a lower flash production level of zirconia, which undergoes a highly complicated process that involves mimicking the clear look of a diamond. A high graded zirconia stone that undergoes this process has been compared in quality to a grade ‘D’ diamond color by many gemologists. Again, a huge dent on our purses!

Don’t buy those cute CZ earrings just quite yet!

The quality of Cubic zirconia can be determined by the following grading factors:

Carat Weight

Which determines the following grades:

A (Lowest quality)
AAAAA (highest quality)

Most online vendors don’t have a grading system in place. This is mostly due to a lack of communication with their wholesalers or worse case scenario, the cubic zirconia is of the lowest possible grade.

Many online jewelery stores try to justify the fact that they overprice zirconia, spouting craftmanship factors, and high demand related trash.
Although, there are reputable sellers that cater for the high end of the market that can become quite expensive.

Low quality zirconia is not as durable as higher grades. It is certainly hard to distiguish between the five grades, even when you consider the physcal properties
of the various grades are far from identical. Low quality zirconia has a tendancy to scratch with age, or become cloudy due to its slightly softer qualities.

Avoid exposing Low grade ‘A’ zirconia to chemicals such as detergents and soap products, unless you want the physical properties to dull through time. You certainly won’t have these issues with ‘AAAA’ grade zirconia. You would still need to care for zirconia of higher quality by cleaning it several times per month. I personally use soap, warm water, and smooth cleaning fabric for my stones. This was it keeps it’s sparkling brilliance for many years

High quality cubic zirconia is almost as durable as sapphires, and rubies. They don’t scratch as much as low graded zirconia, hence why they are a popular, cheaper alternative to the diamond wedding ring. These zirconia wedding rings are almost as popular, and desirable as various other cubic zirconia jewelry.

Captivating Diamond or the Flawless Zirconia?

Cubic zirconia has higher dispersion quality than diamonds. This basically means it will reflect light more than it’s diamond friend.
On the otherhand, a diamond has higher refractive index, which basically means that a diamond is more effective at capturing the light.

The point is it goes to show how extermely similar diamonds and cubic zirconia are. It takes a gemologist, fiddling about with a refractometer to tell the difference!
A cubic zirconia ring will sparkle MORE than your average diamond. As the quality of the diamond increases however, (were talkin many thousands of dollars) the captivating brilliance of the diamond are on par with the gleaming beauty of the zirconia.

Cubic zirconia is 100% Flawless. A diamond on the other hand is RARELY flawless, due to the fact they contain many inclusions, and impurities within the stone.
It’s fair to say, a flawless diamond would set you back a staggering amount of money!

A low quality zircon one carat gem stone can range from $15 USD to $50 USD. That pales in comparison to a one carrat, standard cut diamond – $1500 USD to $2000 USD.
Gives you something to strongly consider here. You should unquestionably opt for a higher grade cubic zirconia piece of jewelry, that sits between the two extreme cases.

That way you will have jewelry that looks as pleasing on the eye as a diamond does, with the added BENEFIT of having a high quality gem that has the longetivity factor of a diamond, with no cloudiness.(that has been known to affect the AA graded Diamond jewelry through ageing).

Finishing Things Off

CZ jewelry can put that extra bit of sparkle into a womens life. As Brilliant as a flawless diamond, they cater for any women’s budget.

Cubic zirconia jewelry is well suited for any outfit, or ocassion. Would you desire to have YOUR zirconia necklace,and zirconia earrings sit nicely with your hip jeans, to make a huge statement to the world? Go for it. How about a pair of highly graded flawless zircon earrings to compliment your red dress for that special night out? It’s entirely up to YOU! Just be happy, and stay beautiful!

PS – Can you do me a favor?..If you ever hear, or see anyone mentioning the Cubic Zirconia VS Diamond thing, that also questions if that cherish cubic zirconia engagement ring is fake or not, give them a shake and send them to this blog! Well, maybe you shouldnt shake them. A gentle prod will do.

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